Municipal Auditorium Rocio Jurado
Rocio Jurado Municipal Auditorium was built for the Universal Exhibition in Seville in 1992 on the Island of La Cartuja. The design of the architect responsible Eleuterio Population Knappe. The area occupied by the stage, 3,000 square meters, is the largest in the world among all audiences outdoors. It also has an orchestra pit for 120 musicians. Natural hill in this place becomes an informal bleachers, which overlapped the 4,000 seats of various colors and the view from the side lawn of the slope. Its facade is lined with marble Macael (Almería). In 2006 became the property of the City Council, which he named for the popular singer Rocio Jurado. The current programming offered by the auditorium has a large number of major concerts and popular artists and bands, mostly in summer